Books+Lesson Files+Video Tutorials = Complete Training Package

The Digital Classroom series offers a fast and easy way to understand software tools and technologies. Each Digital Classroom book provides clear step-by-step instructions, full-color figures, along with lesson files and video tutorials to get you up-and-running quickly. Created by expert instructors who have authored official training guides for companies such as Adobe Systems and Microsoft, each Digital Classroom book is like having your own personal tutor.

The Digital Classroom book series offers a fast and easy way to learn your favorite software or operating system.

Digital Classroom books include: Photoshop Digital Classroom, Flash Digital Classroom, Dreamweaver Digital Classroom, InDesign Digital Classroom, Illustrator Digital Classroom, Mac OS X Digital Classroom, Windows 8 Digital Classroom, Web Design with HTML and CSS Digital Classroom and HTML5 Digital Classroom.

Explore the Digital Classroom books on this site and review sample lessons, watch video tutorials, and examine the complete table of contents for every Digital Classroom book. Each Digital Classroom book includes:

  • Full color lessons with easy to follow step-by-step instructions
  • Video tutorials demonstrate and explain concepts covered in each lesson
  • Included lesson files get you up-and-running quickly
  • Covers all essentials skills and features
  • Written by expert instructors – it's like having your own personal tutor
  • Used by hundreds of schools and more than 100,000 readers

The Digital Classroom book series includes Photoshop Books, Web Design Books, Adobe Creative Cloud Books, Adobe CS6 Books, Adobe CS5 Books, and HTML5 Books. See all Digital Classroom Books. All Digital Classroom books are available as print books and electronic books from all major book sellers.

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